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Product Detail
Silica gel_Silica sol_Colloidal silica_SW_20
SIO2 %: 20.0-20.4
NA2O %  ≤: 0.03
PH: 2.5-3.5
Viscosity(25℃)/MPa·s ≤: 2.5-5.0
Packaging: 25kg or 250kg plastic drums
Storage conditions: Maintain 0-40℃ to prevent frost or exposure in the storage and transportation

1. It is used as a binder for various refractory materials, with strong adhesion and high temperature resistance (1500 ° C-1600 ° C).

2. It is used in the coating industry, which can make the coating firm, and can also resist pollution, dust, aging, fire and other functions.

3. It is used for thin shell precision casting, which can make the shell mold strong and the casting finish high. Its molding quality is better than that of sodium silicate, which can reduce the cost and improve the operating conditions.

4. Silica sol has a high specific surface area and can be used for catalyst manufacturing and catalyst support.

5. It is used in the paper industry as an anti stick agent for cellophane, a pretreatment agent for photographic paper, and an anti slip agent for cement bags.

6. It is used as sizing agent for textile industry. It is used together with oil agent to treat the spinnability of wool and rabbit hair, reduce breakage, prevent flying, improve the yield and increase economic benefits.

7. Used as silicon steel sheet treatment agent, picture tube dispersant, floor wax anti slip, etc