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Application of silica sol in refractory materials

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Silica sol can be used as a binder for refractory materials.

It is suitable for alkaline, neutral and acidic refractory materials.

Silica sol can be used directly as a binder for refractory materials, especially semi-dry pressed refractory products, without adding other additives.

As a binder for amorphous refractory materials, especially spray materials, a hardener must be added to adjust its coagulation and hardening speed.

Generally, the following methods can be used to adjust its gelation time: (1) Add acid. The gelation time of silica sol is affected by its pH value.

Generally, silica sol solution pH value is 8.5-10.5, silica sol is stable, pH value is lower than 3.5 points is also relatively stable,

it is not easy to produce gel, and when pH value is between 4-8, viscosity increases rapidly.

This is caused by the aggregation between the colloidal particles, and eventually turns into gel.The principle of silica sol as a binder for refractory castables is based on sol-gel technology. Due to its large surface area and strong adsorption,

silica sol is distributed on the surface of refractory particles and forms gel around the particles.

During this process, the hydroxyl groups on the surface of the particles solidify to remove moisture, forming a Si-O-Si bonding space network structure,

which generates the strength of the refractory material during construction and maintenance.

After the construction body is dry, the gel combines the aggregate to form a skeleton to provide strength.

The application of silica sol in aluminum silicon carbide castables can significantly improve the slag resistance of refractory materials;

silica sol as a binder for pure aluminate cement can significantly shorten the construction time, extend the service life, and improve the thermal strength;

silica sol as a binder for organic resin and tar can greatly reduce environmental pollution and improve construction performance and use performance.

Refractory materials with silica sol as a binder have the advantages of high strength, good high-temperature volume stability, and good thermal shock resistance,

which improves the construction performance and service life of the material and has been promoted and applied in amorphous refractory materials.