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Silica sol investment casting

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Silica sol is used for precision casting of thin shells, giving the shell mold high strength and high casting finish. The molding quality used is better than sodium silicate. Replacing ethyl silicate molding can reduce costs and improve operating conditions. Silica sol casting belongs to investment casting. The general process flow is as follows:

1. First, make a mold according to the shape of the part.

2.Then use the mold to make a wax pattern identical to the part.

3. When the wax model is placed in the slurry made of silica sol and quartz sand, there will be a layer of slurry on the wax model, which then solidifies. After many times of dipping and curing, the mold shell is basically formed.

4. Dewax, put the mold into hot water, the wax will melt and float on the water, leaving the mold shell

5. Casting and molding