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Silica Sol raw material introduction

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sodium silicate. Sodium silicate is also known as sodium silicate, and its aqueous solution is called water glass. It is a colorless, turquoise or brown solid or viscous liquid. Sodium silicate is made by co-melting silica (quartz sand) and soda ash (or earth alkali) in a melting furnace, cooling and pulverizing, and its fuel can be coal, natural gas or coal gas.

Sodium natron has a wide range of uses, covering almost all sectors of the national economy.

1. In the chemical system, it is used to manufacture various silicate products such as silica gel, white carbon black, zeolite molecular sieve, sodium metasilicate, silica sol, layer silicon and instant powdery sodium silicate, potassium sodium silicate, etc. Basic raw material for silicon compounds.

2. In the light industry, it is an indispensable raw material for washing powder, soap and other detergents, as well as a water softener and a sedimentation aid.

3. Used in dyeing, bleaching and sizing in the textile industry; widely used in casting, grinding wheel manufacturing and metal preservatives in the machinery industry.

4. In the construction industry, it is used to manufacture quick-drying cement, acid-resistant cement waterproof oil, soil curing agent, refractory materials, etc.

5. In agriculture, silicon fertilizer can be produced.

6. In addition, as an adhesive, natron is widely used in the adhesive of cardboard (corrugated paper) cartons.