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Application of silica sol in various industries

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Silica sol has excellent high temperature stability, cohesiveness, film-forming properties, gelling properties, adsorption properties, charging properties, activity, large specific surface area and harmless, tasteless, odorless and other properties, so it is widely used in electronics , catalysts, refractory materials, coatings, inks, textiles, food and many other industries.

1. Accurate casting: cohesiveness, high temperature resistance (shell making)

2. Polishing: Dispersion and filling form a glazing and antifouling effect (mobile phone screen, metal, ceramics, sapphire, glass, etc.)

3. Papermaking: its dispersibility and cohesiveness can be used for kraft paper anti-slip, photographic paper film forming and glazing, pulp toughness enhancement, etc.

4. Coating: Water resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, become the film-forming material of high-temperature refractory coatings and fillers of some exterior wall coatings (high quality and low price, the effect of mixing with agricultural production system materials is very significant, the amount of silica sol should not exceed 10%)

5. Refractory materials: high temperature resistance and adhesion

6. Textile: specific surface area and adsorption, increase fiber fit (reduce fiber breakage, prevent flying flowers, improve slurry adhesion, shorten drying time, make fiber products anti-wrinkle and washable and wear-resistant)

7. Food; use its adsorption and dispersibility to become a clarifier for fruit juice or beer (it can precipitate impurities in food at the bottom)

8. Chemical catalyst: use its dispersion to form chemical catalyst carrier petroleum petrochemical, etc.

9. Electronic industry: use its good dispersibility, insulation and cohesiveness as picture tube dispersant.

10. Others: toothpaste (to increase the friction of toothpaste), floor wax (anti-fouling, anti-skid), battery, etc.