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What are the properties and uses of silica sol?

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Properties of silica sol:

1. Silica sol micelles are nano-scale materials, generally 10-100nm in diameter, so they have a large specific surface area and adsorption capacity.

2. Silica sol is a low viscosity colloidal solution with good dispersibility, which can be fully immersed and filled into solid objects, especially porous substances, and make the surface smooth.

3. Silica sol has good cohesiveness. Adding some fibers or granular materials to silica sol can form a hard gel structure after drying and curing, which will produce greater cohesiveness.

The use of silica sol:

1. Used as a binder for various refractory materials, it has the characteristics of strong cohesive force, high temperature resistance (1500°C-1600°C), etc.

2. Used in the paint industry, it can make the paint firm, and also has the functions of anti-fouling, dust-proof, aging-resistant, and fire-proof.

3. It is used for thin shell precision casting, which can make the shell mold strong and the casting finish high. Its molding quality is better than that of water glass, and replacing ethyl silicate molding can reduce costs and improve operating conditions.

4. Silica sol has a high specific surface area and can be used for catalyst manufacture and catalyst carrier.