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About Colloidal Silica

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1, silica sol can be used as a variety of refractory binder, because of its strong adhesion, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, very suitable for refractory binder.

2, silica sol used in paper industry, can be used as cellophane anti-stick agent, photographic paper pretreatment agent, cement bag anti-slip agent, etc.

3, silica sol used as silicon steel sheet treatment agent, picture tube dispersant, floor wax anti-skid agent, etc.

4, silica sol for thin shell precision casting, can make the shell strength, high casting finish, is very suitable for precision casting.

In order to meet the requirements of semiconductor precision polishing CMP and solar industry. We use the sol-gel process to produce high purity

Electron grade silica sol, purity higher than 99.999%, its particle morphology, concentration, dispersion medium, pH can be adjusted,

The product is used for the preparation of high purity silica sol polishing liquid, polishing speed is high, chip without scratches.