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Cohesion of silica sol

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Silica sol is a translucent colloidal liquid. Due to its good cohesiveness, high temperature resistance, film-forming property, gelation property, chargeability, large specific surface area, tasteless andodorless, it can be widely used in various industries. All walks of life.

①High adsorption: Under certain conditions, it has a certain adsorption effect on inorganic and organic substances.

②Has a large specific surface area: the specific surface area is generally 250-300 square meters/g.

③Good cohesiveness: add silica sol to some kind of fiber or granular material, then dry and solidify to form a hard gel structure, which will produce greater cohesiveness (generally about 46.7kg/cm2).

④ Good temperature resistance: Silica sol can generally withstand about 1600 °C.

⑤ Good hydrophilicity and oil repellency: can be diluted to any concentration with distilled water, and the stability increases with the increase of dilution. However, it can also produce hydrophobicity when added to organic matter or various metal ions.

⑥ Alkaline silica sol has "high dispersibility", "good wear resistance" and good "light transmission".