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what is water glass?

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Water glass generally refers to sodium silicate, which is a mineral binder with a chemical formula of Na2O·nSiO2. It is a soluble inorganic silicate and has a wide range of uses. Sodium silicate is a colorless, slightly colored translucent or transparent blocky glass body. Sodium silicate has two production processes: dry method and wet method. The dry method also includes the sodium carbonate method, sodium sulfate (sodium sulfate) method, and sodium chloride method; the wet method uses liquid soda ash and quartz sand as raw materials, and the liquid product is obtained after heating and pressurizing the reaction.


1. Water glass coated on the metal surface will form alkali metal silicate and SiO2 gel film to protect the metal from external acid and alkali corrosion.

2. Used as an adhesive to bond glass, ceramics, asbestos, wood, plywood, etc.

3. Used in the manufacture of refractory materials, white carbon black, and acid-resistant cement.

4. It is used as a slurry and impregnating agent in the textile industry, as a fixing agent and mordant in textile dyeing and embossing, and as a weighting agent for silk fabrics.

5. Add water glass in leather production, and its dispersed colloidal SiO2 is used to produce soft leather, etc.