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Silica sol can be used in the textile industry

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Silica sol can be used in the textile industry. The fabric treated with silica sol has high strength, stable size and high resilience. Silica sol and wool oil are used together to increase the cohesion between fibers, increase the tensile strength, improve production efficiency, and can spin products with high counts. In the process of wool spinning, silica sol is used as an auxiliary agent for radial spinning and sizing, which can reduce the breakage rate of wool fibers and save size. When using fine-grain rolling or winding sizing, adding silica sol to polyvinyl alcohol, carboxymethyl cellulose, natural starch and oil and other slurry can make the separation of radial yarns easy, non-slip and continuous yarn.

Silica sol can also be used in fabric dyeing. Because of its cohesiveness, it can also form an excellent protective solution to help the pigment adhere to the surface of the fabric, increase the uniformity and fastness of dyeing, and prevent the pigment from agglomerating; add silica sol to starch glue to treat the fabric, Such as carpets, etc., can play anti-slip, dust-proof, anti-static, non-stick dust and other functions. In conclusion, the range of silica sols in treated fabrics is very wide.