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Silica sol dispersion process

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The dispersion method is a physical method of preparing silica sol by mechanically dispersing SiO2 particles in water. The specific steps are as follows: Weigh a certain amount of deionized water into a dry and clean plastic cup, and fix it on a high-speed disperser. Start the high-speed disperser, and continuously add a certain amount of gas-phase SiO2 powder into the cup, and cover the cup with a plastic film to prevent water evaporation and SiO2 powder from flying. After adding the SiO2 powder, add a certain amount of deionized water, adjust the high-speed dispersion speed, and keep it for 1.5 hours to obtain a SiO2 aqueous dispersion. After aging the SiO2 aqueous dispersion overnight, disperse at a high speed for 2 hours, add the additive solution, continue to disperse at a high speed for 2 hours, and filter with a 300-mesh filter to obtain silica sol with good performance.