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Silica sol electrolysis and electrodialysis

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The preparation of silica sol by electrolysis and electrodialysis is an electrochemical method. Add electrolyte in the electrolytic electrodialysis cell, adjust the pH value of the electrolyte solution, control the current density, temperature and other reaction conditionsof the electrolytic electrodialysis reaction. After the reaction, the finished silica sol can be prepared. The addition of electrolytes in this method makes the growth of colloidal particles a non-spontaneous process. With the migration of sodium ions, monosilicic acid is continuously formed. Because it is operated at a certain temperature, the polymerization reaction of monosilicate H4SiO4 will occur during the heating process, so that the particle size of the small particles can grow. Using these small particles as nucleating agents, during the electrolytic electrodialysis process, the generated monosilicic acid will attach to these small particles and polymerize with the silicon hydroxyl groups on the surface of the colloidal particles, so that the particle size of the colloidal particles can be increased.