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Application of silica sol in material industry

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In the material industry, as a new material, silica sol attracts attention for its excellent fire resistance and acid resistance. After the silica sol prepared by reacting sulfuric acid with silicic acid containing 24% silicon dioxide mass fraction is used to treat the ceramic acid-resistant container, it will not be leaked and can increase the pressure. The thin shell made of silica sol with small particle size instead of ethyl silicate has high strength and good finish, which can greatly improve the quality and dimensional precision of castings, reduce costs and improve operating conditions. Adding silica sol to the CO2 type coating agent can improve the ductility and increase the strength of the sand mold. Silica sol can also be used as a binder for acid-resistant cement, various thermal insulation materials and silicate materials. It has the characteristics of strong adhesion, acid resistance and high temperature resistance, and is widely used in the ceramic and refractory industries. A big problem with cast steel surfaces is that small amounts of steel ingots often stick to the mold and base plate, affecting the quality of the metal product. If silica sol is mixed with refractory material powder (such as silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, iron oxide, etc.) ~1630°C, it can protect the working surface of the mold and the bottom plate, greatly reduce the loss of the mold, and make it easy to release the mold. If silica sol is mixed with amines, thiourea, zinc powder and other materials to make a coating, it can be used as a steel surface protection material, and its performance, especially anti-rust performance, greatly exceeds that of lithium silicate zinc powder coating.