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Other uses of silica sol

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Silica sol is used together with aluminum sulfate as a water purification aid, which can ideally remove suspended substances in water. Adding silica sol which is stable under acidic conditions to the solution after beer fermentation can make impurity ions form condensate, and the obtained product is clear and translucent. In addition, it can also be used as a clarifying agent for apple juice, wine, rice wine, soy sauce, etc., which does not affect the color and fragrance, and is harmless to the human body. The silica particles attached to the solid surface can increase the coefficient of friction, and the silica sol can be used as an anti-skid agent for floor wax, making the floor both slip-resistant and smooth and bright in color. Fuel oil often contains a large amount of compounds of metal and non-metal elements, especially sodium, vanadium and sulfur, which are harmful. They produce pollution and also cause corrosion of steam engines, internal combustion engines and gas turbines. The ash produced after fuel oil combustion is often accumulated on the blades of the gas turbine, heat exchange tubes and other components. If silica sol is added to the fuel oil, the melting point of the ash can be increased so that it will not be deposited on the components. However, silica sol and oil cannot be mixed, and dispersants such as magnesium oleate, ethoxylated nonylphenol, etc. must be added to make silica particles disperse in water. In addition, silica sol can also be formulated as a cleaning agent for treating soil, cement, etc.