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Application of silica sol in chemical industry

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Silica sol has a large specific surface area, the prepared silica gel particles are uniform, and the pore size and distribution are easy to control. It is the best raw material for preparing catalyst supports. The catalyst C41 used by Sohio Chemical Company in the United States to prepare acrylonitrile by ammoxidation method is made by mixing the active components of the catalyst with silica sol and spray drying. %. Adding silica sol to the multi-component hydrocracking catalyst containing molecular sieve can improve hydrocracking activity and increase product selectivity. The catalyst for producing acrolein (acid) by propylene oxidation uses silica sol as a carrier, which can inhibit the deep oxidation reaction of propylene in the reaction process, and its activity and selectivity are obviously improved. In addition, silica sol can also be used in the production of polyethylene to remove the residual catalyst in the polymer, and can also be used as a suspending agent in the polymerization of styrene.