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The role of silica sol in coatings

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The application of silica sol in the coating can play a role in firming the coating. The material improves the strength of the paint by virtue of its characteristics, which is convenient for users to reduce troubles when using the paint. The application of this product can also play an anti-fouling effect, so that it will not be polluted when it is applied.

Paint is easy to adhere to dust during application, which will affect the use effect. The use of silica sol can increase the dustproof function of the coating, so as to ensure better construction work and ensure the use effect. Since the material can be firmly attached to the surface of the object under the action of moisture, it can be applied to the coating to achieve anti-aging effect.

In addition to the above functions, if silica sol is used in the fireproof coating, it can improve the high temperature resistance of the coating, so the application of this material can improve the fireproof performance.