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Application of Silica Sol in Nanocomposite Coatings

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NanoSiO2 has the optical characteristics of ultraviolet absorption and infrared reflection. It can absorb more than 70% of ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of less than 400nm, and reflect more than 70% of infrared rays with a wavelength other than 800nm. Because there are a large number of unsaturated residual bonds in its molecular structure and the hydroxyl groups in different states bond with some groups of the resin, the thermal and chemical stability of the material can be greatly improved. Due to its insufficient surface coordination, it exhibits extremely strong activity, which can adsorb pigment particles such as pigments, greatly reduce the attenuation of pigments caused by UV irradiation, and thus reduce the "powdering" of the coating film. The addition of nanoSiO2 can improve the whiteness. Adding nanoSiO2 to architectural coatings can significantly improve the opening effect of the coatings.The coatings do not delaminate, have thixotropy, antisagging, and good construction performance. Especially, the stain resistance of the coatings is greatly improved, and it has excellent selfcleaning properties. sex and adhesion. When the coating film is dry, the nanoSiO2 quickly forms a network structure, which improves the aging resistance and strength of the coating film.