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Silica sol product features

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1.Alkaline silica sol has a large specific surface area, generally 250-300 square meters/g.

2.Alkaline silica sol has good temperature resistance, generally can withstand about 1600 ℃.

3.Silica sol has better adhesion. If silica sol is added to some kind of fiber or granular material, and then dried and solidified, it can form a hard gel structure, which will produce greater adhesion.

4. High-purity silica sol has good hydrophilicity and oil-repellency, and can be diluted to any concentration with distilled water, and its stability increases with the increase of dilution, but it can also produce hydrophobicity when added to organic matter or various metal ions.

5.Numerous network structure pores produced by countless micelles in silica sol have a certain adsorption effect on inorganic and organic substances under certain conditions.

6.Silica sol has a high degree of dispersion, good wear resistance and good light transmission.