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Application of silica sol in color jet paper coating

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Silica and alumina are commonly used as pigments in color spray paper coatings, and the adhesive is mainly PVA. Due to the high production cost of powder nano silica and the difficulty of dispersion, people began to explore the method of directly obtaining silica to prepare coating components, in which silica sol is mainly used.

Application of silica sol in color jet paper coating

The silica particles in the silica sol are very small, generally between 1 and 100nm, and the small particle size is the most. If there is no aggregation during the coating preparation process and the coating formation process, such small particles cannot meet the requirements of the color inkjet paper coating. Requirements, but in fact the sol is a dynamic equilibrium system, the colloidal state will be destroyed to a certain extent in the process of preparing the coating, so that the sol is partially aggregated, so that the coating forms certain micropores and has better inkjet ink adsorption Ability, the addition of silica sol has a certain impact on printing performance, choosing an appropriate amount can even partially improve the color effect of coated paper, making the printed image clear and bright.