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The emergence of silica sol shells greatly reduces energy consumption

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Silica sol replaces ethyl silicate, greatly reducing energy consumption! In the 1960s, silica sol shells were used as a binder for ceramic shells in the casting field, and quickly replaced water glass and ethyl silicate hydrolyzate. It is widely used because of its complex preparation process, large pollution and high cost, and has incomparable advantages

Practice has proved that the use of silica sol solution as ceramic shell glue has the following advantages: simple preparation process, easy preservation of the coating, continuous use of the slurry after adjusting the composition, reduced material consumption, stable performance of the dip coating process, easy operation, and the use of silicic acid The ethyl ester hydrolyzate does not need to be dried with ammonia water, which improves the working environment, and the humiditycontrollable hot air drying improves the shell strength, and the use of water-based silica sol is safe. It is said that after replacing ethyl silicate with silica sol, the energy consumption is reduced by 20-30%, the pass rate of shell shape is increased by 15to20%, and the working environment is greatly improved.

Silica sol (low temperature wax) shell is easy to form with low temperature wax, the equipment is simple, and the difference in the roughness of the wax surface is small. Compared with the composite shell, the process is stable, especially the dimensional accuracy of the casting is high. Due to the absence of water glass, the shell has good high temperature performance, high permeability, and strong creep resistance after baking. It is suitable for thin-walled parts and small and mediumsized parts with complex structures, and can produce extra-large parts of 50-100 kg.