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What should be paid attention to when using large particle size silica sol?

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First, silica sol with large particle size has good permeability and can be incorporated into many materials. Applying silica sol to building materials can increase the firmness of building materials and can also be used for mechanical polishing. Its dispersion and filling constitute a polishing and anti-fouling effect.

Secondly, silica sol with large particle size has good heat resistance, so it is often used in some heatresistant materials. Currently, some other materials on the market are muc less heat resistant than colloidal silica. Because silica sol has good heat resistance, it cangreatly improve the heat resistance of materials and improve the applicability of coatings, thereby reducing the occurrence of fires.

Silica sol contains a substance called thermal silica, which is a very good adhesive and makes the product have good adhesion. Therefore, silica sol is usually mixed into some other materials to increase the adhesion and stability of the materials.

Adhesives should be treated on the exterior before use, this is only for cleaning the exterior. If there are stains that need to be dealt with in time, if the adhesive is not dealt with in time, the adhesion will be greatly weakened, so ensuring its adhesion is a very important step.

When applying silica sol to coat the surface of an object, we must pay attention to the average coating to prevent the dead corners from being uncoated, and at the same time,we must also prevent the local center from being coated. It is very important to apply evenly, otherwise it will affect the adhesion of the outer surface of the object, which will cause the problem of adhesive dispersion. At the same time, no air bubbles will appear during use, which reduces the adhesion.

Finally, pay attention to the strength when using silica sol. Too much or too little strength will affect the future bonding effect. Generally speaking, when using silica sol, the strength should be reasonably grasped so that the bonding effect is in good condition.